Teen masturbates first time


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  1. Kebar 1 year ago

    Hi FunBags ;)

  2. Gardale 1 year ago

    Hey. Ama be up in Nigeria soon. Can we just go out? I got some bucks for grab

  3. Tadal 1 year ago

    Tell when it is a problem. Help them manage any problem that seems to be on the horizon, don't do it as if it is just your problem to manage. Don't stir the pot unnecessarily, but if he is primarily bipolar his behavior is not going to change.. You have the insight to know when that is before others see it. Probably when a grandkid is verging on pubescence.

  4. Dabei
    Dabei 1 year ago

    Funny, but in the story you gave, Jesus didn't pray.

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